Homemade Panettone Lo Scuro with Modica chocolate, sultanas and stuffed Calabrian figs

Sabadì Chocolate + Loison Panettone

recipe byDario Loison
poster by filippo taveri + simona gallo


First phase: biga or first rising
75 g 00 flour
7-8 g brewer’s yeast
38-40 g water
125 g total

Second phase: ingredients for the first dough
120-125 g biga (from first phase)
150 g flour (mix)
1.5 g brewer’s yeast
45 g sugar
2 eggs (60-65 g)
40 g butter
450 g total

Third phase: ingredients for the second dough
300 g flour (mix)
120 g sugar
2 eggs (60-65 g)
2 yolks
4 g salt
8 g honey
115 g fresh butter
½ natural Madagascar vanilla pod
Natural rhum aroma

Final additions
90 g sultanas
90 g “Dottato” figs from Cosenza
160 g Sabadì “Lo Scuro” chocolate

A track by I Beddi – Sicilian musicians
Christmas in Sicily


First phase
Mix the ingredients until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous, like a normal bread dough. Let it rise until it reaches twice its volume. Then proceed to the second phase.

Second phase
Mix the biga, eggs, brewer’s yeast, mixing until the mixture is homogeneous. Add the sugar and then the softened butter. Let it rise until it reaches twice its volume. Then proceed to the third phase.

Third phase
Mix the eggs, honey and flour with the first dough. Mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture, add the egg yolks. Once the egg yolks are absorbed, add the sugar and then the salt separately. Add the softened butter, aromas and finally the dried fruit and chocolate. Leave the dough to stand at a temperature of about 30°C. Place the dough in the mould and let it rise for about 3 hours at a temperature of about 30°C (cover the dough so as not to make a crust). The panettone will reach the height of the finished product; put it in a ventilated environment to form the crust on the surface. Cut the surface of the cake into a cross in the centre and put a knob of butter and bake at 200-210°C for 10 minutes or until you get a light golden film, then lower the oven to 190-200°C and bake for about another 50 minutes.

“It triggers the memory of Christmas, a Christmas spent at home in a typical family in the South.”