“Every art […] involve the coming into being and the designing act, that is, to consider how it can come into being an object than could be and not be.


is a project that talks about food, but not only: it talks about flavour with a capital F and about intrinsic Italian quality and talent.

Starting off with chocolate as our recurring theme, eight food craftsmen were put around a table; these food craftsmen are dedicated pioneers in design, applying method and passion, and they analyze problems of production, do meticulous research on raw materials, and, consequently, develop their products as complex projects.

Each one of them has been on their own specific professional path for years, and some of their paths are rather radical, sometimes against the mainstream, following their conviction thoroughly, coherently, with a clear vision of what they want, and awakening the interest of the press and experts in the sector. They are innovators, although many of them dedicate themselves to research and the recuperating of ancient methods. Indeed, we consider them to be designers. This thought on the subject of respecting nature, comparing and contrasting the various approaches, journeying through the realms of flavour and fragrance, and trying to stimulate all of the senses, shows once again how the world of food and the world of graphic design together possess extraordinary potential for expression.

Innovation derives from the collective process, which, on one hand, is in connection with locality, humanity, integration and sharing, and, on the other, has to do with technology which is useful for both mankind and the environment.

The artisan chocolate of Modica Sabadì is the leitmotiv, around which eight food pairings were created, along with the same number of interpreters of quality, giving life to a new flavour experience expressed in the form of recipes. Intelligence, radicated in the hands of artisans, enters the crowded kitchen of eight brilliant food bloggers, giving life to sixteen recipes interpreted and translated into images by sixteen Italian graphic designers.

16 recipes, 32 posters, 1 book, 1 Taste Alphabet, 1 exhibition.
Emblematic location of this journey is an old Florence station, the Leopolda Station, theatre today of one of the most important food fairs in Italy, Taste by Pitti Immagine.
The 9th, 10th e 11th of March the flavour train stops in Florence.

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simone “Sabadì” sabaini

sabadì portrait

Simone Sabaini, originally from the region of Veneto, moved to Sicily, in the town of Modica, where he dedicated himself to the production of Sabadì artisan chocolate. The will to make an art out of chocolate motivated him to continuously research the good and the beautiful, floating between experimentation and innovation. Ever since the start, he has been very careful in selecting his raw materials, and they all come from Slow Food sources as well as from producers in the fair trade system, upholding respect for small indigenous communities, for the environment, and for biodiversity.


happycentro portrait

Happycentro design studio lies in fair Verona, creating projects for communication. They have always been fascinated by the uncanny skill and talent of artisans, and their approach to design is always the same: whether they think up logos, draw illustrations, or manage the production of advertisements, all these activities offer the same opportunity to mix order, complexity and hard work. They love to foster cross-pollination between different forms of artistic expression. If possible, they never do the same thing twice. It’s tiring, but they say it’s a great source of satisfaction.