Lucia Arlandini

Please call me Lucy. I’m 35, I live in Alessandria, Piedmont and I always have my suitcase at hand. Shutting myself in my kitchen, among saucepans, ladles and my camera is the perfect remedy against any kind of pain. You can find me at ease with designer clothing, a two-piece suit and high heels, but my apron is still my favourite item of clothing! I worked as a waitress, an expert of wines, a bar lady and a kitchen assistant for years. Indeed, my life has always revolved around food.

Sabadì Chocolate + Gennari Parmesan

Whole grain ravioli filled with parmesan and glazed with chocolate and “tardivo” red chicory


Alessia Bianchi

Here I am, Alessia, originally from a small village on the shores of Lake Como, where culture and tradition have been handed down for generations. A philosopher of education with a passion for food and wine, when I organize dinners with friends and family I like to recreate the Symposium of ancient Greece, a place where good food and good wine accompany the discussion among the participants.
I take care to carefully choose the wine to be presented on the table to serve a toast to friendship, a toast to good health, and a toast to a good night’s rest. If I were a drink I’d be the missing link between beer and wine: something between sporty and refined, simple and sophisticated, somewhere between a sandwich and a stew, jeans and 12 cm heels. If I were something to eat I would be a morsel of meat cooked in a full-bodied red wine: slow cooking brings out the flavour and tenderness, just like getting to know me slowly enhances me and shows the real me. My intent is to convey my passion for food & wine and stimulate your palate professing a great truth: “Vino sors lenitur dura!”… Life is softened by a good glass of wine!”

Sabadì Chocolate + Padoan Pizza

Chocolate focaccia with sea salt and rosemary


Simona Cherubini

Simona Cherubini is a marketing consultant and food blogger. When she was a little girl, she used to draw with her felt-tips even on biscuits. She says: “That’s how I understood what my two greatest passions in life would have been: food and art!”
Simona lives in Tuscany and, through her blog, she talks about what happens in a normal Italian kitchen. She likes to consider slow living as her life philosophy. In her blog one can find family recipes, photos, daily considerations and paper cuts, as well as handicraft products that she likes to discover and the authentic taste of our culinary tradition revised with her personal creativity.

Sabadì Chocolate + Mancini Pasta

Cacio cheese and pepper pasta


Ornella Daricello

Ornella Daricello, also known as “Gialla”, was born in Palermo on 1 January 1986 and has a degree in Public Communication, and specialises in the social and institutional aspects of communication.
She is a Public Relations Officer, a Foodblogger, a Web Content Editor and definitely… a ducky! In her blog “Gialla tra i fornelli” which she launched in 2008, she combines her three greatest passions: communication, photography and, of course, the art of cooking. She loves the world of foodblogging so much that she decided to dedicate her graduation thesis to it: “The ‘net’ is ‘served’! Everyone please sit at the table with the foodloggers!”
After many years of experience, she didn’t settle for just writing recipes; instead, now she also broadens her area of interests to include the latest culinary events and initiatives (both in the real world and the virtual world), wine and food literature, the history of famous dishes, social life at the dinner table, as well as many tales (including popular stories) about the individual ingredients.

Sabadì Chocolate + Baladin Beer



Claudia Magistro

Born in Messina in 1969 in a family where everyone knew how to cook well, Claudia Magistro’s passion and interests were far away from cooking. She now lives in Carini and is a landscape architect who learned to cook when she got married. By experimenting with traditional family recipes, she found the true value of Sicilian cuisine and re-discovered ancient memories belonging to a wider and more charming scenario. Her passion for photography, born within an environment of landscapes and architectures, has led her to value each individual dish, which she perceives as a composition of both light and colour. By adapting dishes, glassware and kitchen accessories, she introduces her preparations with the aim of evoking pleasant sensations and stimulating an immediate desire to reproduce her recipes. This is, at least, what motivates her in her continuous quest for excellence, in her pursuit of aesthetic, culinary and convivial harmony. She has written the book entitled “Scorza d’arancia” (Orange peel), which was published in 2011 by Officina Trinacria e Spazio Cultura of Palermo. Her book is a collection of fifty different recipes, both from her blog collection, as well as formerly unreleased ones. Additionally, since May 2012, she has managed a weekly cooking section on, an online magazine.

Sabadì Chocolate + Occhipinti Wine

Chocolate cake with chilli pepper and Siccagno Nero d’Avola wine


Ramona Pizzano

Ramona Pizzano says: “I’m an engineer for the love of it and a foodblogger as a profession.” Born in Irpinia nearly 30 years ago, she has found herself involved with food and blogging for the past 4 years. This activity actually became her job approximately two years ago. Why did she start a cooking blog? She answers: “It’s because I love cakes and other types of food and also because of my great passion for photography. There is nothing better, therefore, than to share my two greatest passions on the Internet”.

Sabadì Chocolate + Loison Panettone

Chocolate dome with ricotta mousse


Sandra Salerno

“Un tocco di zenzero”, a blog which celebrated its seventh year of activity in 2012, is the idea of Sandra Salerno, self-taught cook who then has become food writer, wine and food consultant, and collects more than 1,000 recipes. Her blog is just like a little culinary encyclopaedia, therefore, from which one can draw ideas to create original menus for lunches and dinners to suit all occasions. Whether it is for a more formal and refined meal or for a quick and simple bite, they are all there to suit any gourmand! “My recipes”, Sandra Salerno says, “are the result of mixing the culinary tradition from Piedmont with the ones from Provence and the Mediterranean area, ideas gathered from my travels or borrowed and rearranged from the French and Spanish cuisine, and even from the overseas New American Cuisine”. As well as being the author of her blog (which received the prestigious “Macchianera Blog Award” in 2009 for the ‘Food and Wine Category’), Sandra is a professional consultant for both small and large producers. In addition, she contributes to the publication of various books and also writes for web portals. For the past eighteen months Sandra has been developing the “Travel section”, dedicated to tastes and recipes from various countries. “Un tocco di zenzero”: discovering the world through other people’s cuisine!

Sabadì Chocolate + Lelli Coffee

Dark chocolate and pecan tartlets


Paola Sucato

Paola Sucato is a web and social media consultant who also freelances as a writer for various online food and tourism magazines. After having spent a few years working in holiday resorts as Food & Beverage Manager, she transferred to Milan to pursue and develop her two great passions: cuisine and astrology. For three years, Paola has collaborated with the Cooking Newsroom of She says of herself: “I adore everything that is genuine and true. I write frequently, I do a lot of things and I speak too much! I swear, though, that I will cook every single day and bake excellent loaves at least once a week. I love the Italian cuisine and I would like that subject to be dealt with by Italians only. I also run cooking courses for kids. I have a lot of fun with them as I find adults to be boring”.

Sabadì Chocolate + Riserva San Massimo Rice

Rice pudding with lemon and chocolate cream