Sabadì Chocolate + Baladin Beer

recipe by Ornella Daricello
poster by gloria pizzilli


For the Modican chocolate mousse with cinnamon

300 g Sabadì “Nella” chocolate
30 g butter
100 g granulated sugar
2 eggs
A pinch of salt
200 ml fresh whipping cream

For the beer jelly
500 ml Baladin “Mielika” beer
150 g granulated sugar
10 g gelatine (isinglass)

For the ginger flavoured milk sauce
1 l milk
200 g granulated sugar
100 g starch
70 g fresh ginger cut into slices

To decorate
½ candied red cherry
10 g Sabadì “Sesso” chocolate


Preparation of the mousse
Melt the chocolate and the butter using a bain-marie. Separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs. Beat the yolks with the ginger until they are foamy, add the melted chocolate, the whipped cream and finally, the egg whites whipped to firm peaks with a pinch of salt. Mix the mixture well.

Preparation of the jelly
Pour the beer in the pan where it will be cooked at least 4 hours before preparing the jelly. Soak the isinglass in cold water for five minutes. Add the ginger and the pre-soaked gelatine which has been wrung out to the pan with the beer and place over the heat. Heat the beer to a temperature of about 80°C (it must not boil) and turn off the heat. Pour the gelatine into a mould to a depth of 7 mm and let it cool in the fridge. When it is solid, cut out discs of about 7 cm diameter and place them in suitable bowls.

Preparation of the milk sauce
Put the starch and sugar in a small pan and add the milk slowly. Add the ginger to the mixture obtained and heat over a low flame stirring constantly bring it to the boil. Continue stirring for a couple of minutes until the movement of the spoon leaves a trail on the surface of the sauce at which point remove it from the heat. With the help of tweezers, remove the pieces of ginger from the sauce. Pour everything into semi-spherical moulds of diameter 7 cm and let them rest in the fridge.

How to proceed
On the bottom of each bowl arrange the Sesso chocolate broken into rough pieces.
Cover it with (in order):
- a 1 cm thick layer of chocolate mousse;
- a 7 mm thick disk of beer jelly;
- the half-sphere of milk cream with ginger of 7 cm in diameter;
To finish, garnish with a half candied red cherry.

The bowl used is 7 cm in diameter, the measurements should be adapted if using a bowl of different dimensions.
In a larger version, a champagne saucer is perfect as a bowl and is perfectly in vein.

“Eroschoc is a dessert to be eaten with a spoon which recalls at both the visible and tactile levels the female breast, a breast which is not quite mature, solid and with an air of innocence that becomes attractive and intriguing at the moment of tasting to reveal electric sensations (ginger and cinnamon) smothered in a maternal softness (milk and cream). It is important to add the “dark” and bitter side that every woman hides within herself (“Sesso” chocolate and beer).”