Chocolate + wine sampling

Sabadì Chocolate + Occhipinti Wine

recipe by Simone Sabaini
poster by boumaka


“Focu di Raggia”
by Goran Bregovic feat. Carmen Consoli
by Giuseppe Tornatore
A suggestion
The countryside of Ragusa on an August night


A combination to be enjoyed barefoot, clothed in fine linen in the heat of a summer night in Sicily. A night of pleasure.

About Sabadì chocolate
The cocoa comes from Ecuador and it is a Nacional aroma fino de ASSS, the best selection on the market. It is a very aromatic cocoa, with strong floral notes and hints of banana. Our producers’ cocoa grows in a mixed cultivation, surrounded by trees which provide shade and therefore require less use of water and a less intensive fertilisation. The Nacional is safeguarded by Slow Food and comes from Fair Trade manufacturers.

About Mascobado sugar
The selected sugar is mascobado, which is extracted from sugar cane in the Philippines. It is integral sugar produced with a simple method. The canes are squeezed and the juice is concentrated by evaporating the water, using the cane residues (bagasse) as fuel. In this way, Mascobado holds all the nutrients normally lost in the refining of white sugar. It is rich in minerals, particularly iron, for which is difficult to fulfill daily requirements. It is not chemically bleached and all the process respects the principles of organic agriculture.

About Passo Nero wine
Sicilia IGT
Nero d’Avola vendemmia tardiva
270 m above sea level
Medium consistency. It comes from Sub Apennine calcareous sands
Organic, no chemical intervention, “alberello” farming system
Average age of plants
12 years
Planting density
6,500 vines per hectare
Early October
On bamboo racks for 12 days
With indigenous yeasts
Maceration time
7 days on skins
16 months in used barriques, 10 months in the bottle.

“This combination transmits the sun, the slow rhythm, the heat, the contrasts and the typical indolence of the magnificent land of Sicily.”