Cacio cheese and pepper pasta

Sabadì Chocolate + Mancini Pasta

recipe by Simona Cherubini
poster by sarah mazzetti


80 g Mancini pasta per person
250 g mature pecorino cheese
Black pepper
Sabadì “Raja” chocolate


Cook the pasta in lightly salted water (the pepper and the cheese are salty and full of flavour). Finely grate the pecorino cheese and put it into a bowl. Chop the pepper roughly and mix it with the pecorino cheese. Drain the pasta keeping it slightly wet. Put the pasta in the bowl together with the pecorino and the pepper and mix quickly. Arrange the pasta onto the plates and grate the chocolate on top.

Curiosity about the recipe
There are several versions of this recipe for pasta with cheese and pepper, even though the original is very simple and linked closely to the life of the shepherds who moved from pasture to pasture with their flocks. It is a typical dish from the Lazio region, given the easy availability of the ingredients, above all the cheese, and dried pasta which is easy to keep and is very quick to cook. In many recipes the pecorino cheese used is the pecorino Romano cheese but for a good outcome any good quality matured pecorino can be used. Probably the appellative “Romano” comes from the fact that it was used by the Roman legionnaires in their food rations. The choice of the pasta is very important and it is best to use a porous type of pasta cooked al dente, in this way it will retain the correct amount of water that is needed to bind the ingredients, in order to give a simple dish which is complete in its perfume, aroma and contrasts.

“Simple dish full of personality, it communicates heat and energy, and even though its easy preparation, it is very captivating.”