Chocolate bar with puffed Carnaroli rice, ginger and citrus peels

Sabadì Chocolate + Riserva San Massimo Rice

recipe bySimone Sabaini
poster by mister gatto

Bitter cocoa paste Nacional fino de aroma de Arriba
Refined cane sugar from Paraguay
Carnaroli Rice Riserva San Massimo
Peel of Sicilian citrus fruits

The rice should be cooked in water and ginger, dried in an oven at a low temperature for one night and fried in extra virgin olive oil. This puffed rice is added to the dough of bitter cocoa, sugar, ginger and citrus peel and this is the completed chocolate bar. The bitter cocoa paste should be dissolved at a maximum temperature of 45°C. The dissolved bitter cocoa paste should be placed in a tempering machine and sugar and other ingredients added. Using the rotating blade ingredients are mixed and simultaneously the temperature is lowered from 28°C to 31°C in order to stabilise the cocoa butter naturally present in the bitter paste. The product is subsequently placed into moulds and allowed to cool further.
About Sabadì chocolate
The bitter cocoa paste comes from Ecuador and it is a Nacional aroma fino de ASSS, the best selection on the market. It is a very aromatic cocoa, with strong floral notes and hints of banana. Our producers’ cocoa grows in a mixed cultivation, surrounded by trees which provide shade and therefore require less use of water and a less intensive fertilisation. The Nacional is safeguarded by Slow Food and comes from Fair Trade manufacturers.
About Carnaroli Rice Riserva San Massimo
Carnaroli rice from the Azienda Agricola San Massimo originated in a natural environment within the Reserve San Massimo, in the heart of the Parco del Ticino, and grows in fields irrigated by abundant spring water and is processed adopting techniques for achieving the greatest respect for health and for the environment. The drying process, carried out with a modern natural gas leaves no trace of the fuel on the grains. The characteristic straw yellow colour comes from traditional processing with a single bleaching made without the use of chemicals.

“A gourmet revamp of snack chocolate puffed rice as opposed to the pseudo-snacks made ​​of hydrogenated fats produced on an industrial level. It makes us reflect on the fact that you can eat healthy, excellent and very tasty food without being guided by mass consumption.”